Employment sectors

Home furniture
The metal conical legs are the main product dedicated to this sector, especially for chair legs. Our conical legs can have a round section, but also square, rectangular, oval, triangular, elliptical, and double cone, for refined chair legs.
In addition to the conical legs, we produce tips and ferrules for wooden or metal chair legs.
We also have a vast assortment of sizes for furniture feet, and constant innovation in the world of special conical legs.
This is because chair legs of different shapes, shapes and sections are increasingly requested by our customers, in search of beauty and classic and modern design.
They certainly cannot miss the conical legs with spokes including curvature, or larger table legs.
With our wide range of conical metal legs, you can’t ask for anything else for your design chair conical legs.

Office furniture
Conical metal legs are very present in the office sector, especially for table legs. Our conical metal legs can have a round section, but also square, rectangular, oval, triangular, elliptical, and double cone, for refined table legs.
In addition to the conical metal legs, we produce tubes for conical legs with spokes, also with bending processes, for office chairs and more.
We have a vast assortment of sizes for table legs, even large ones, and constant innovation in the world of special metal conical legs.
This is because the conical metal legs of different shapes are increasingly requested by our customers, in search of classic and modern design.
Table legs including decorations, or with a bamboo effect cannot be missing.
With our wide range of metal conical legs, you can’t wish for anything else for your projects and design conical table legs.

Machinery and rollers
The machinery industry often requires conical rollers, created with a steel jacket, to be fitted into the various raceways of belt conveyors.
Our tubes for conical rollers are created to measure, according to the customer’s drawing and request.
We can reach the maximum diameter of 80mm with the desired conicity, in order to have the tubes for conical rollers with the desired inclination, for the curved motorized roller conveyors, increasingly used in large companies and in the packaging sector.
Our tapered tubes for conical rolles can be created in iron, carbon steel, but also in stainless steel and any other desired material.
However, the machinery sector is not only tubes for conical rollers, but also nozzles for machine tools, components for water treatment machines, paper mill machines, components for household appliances, blowers, tubes for structures, coupling rollers and interlocking removable structures.

Tubes for automotive can have many types of use. As tubes for automotive in our production we mean mufflers, exhausts, steering column pipes, tubular transmission shafts, reductions and engine connection pipes.
We produce many tubes for automotive also in the motorcycle sector, such as aluminum forks and swingarms, with a tube conification process which will be followed by shaping with a press or hydroforming.
We can also find other tubes for automotive in the bike and e-bike sector, such as forks, frame components, handlebars and saddles.
We are proud to supply tubes for automotive to various companies in the sector, among the most important at a national and world level, in the car, motorcycle and bicycle sectors, and also in the world of agricultural machinery and tractors.
In this field of agricultural machinery, our tube for automotive can also reach the maximum diameter of 160mm with a special and large machine for tube swaging and processing.

Our tubes for lighting and tubes for chandeliers are the result of decades of experience in craftsmanship and mechanics. By tubes for lighting we mean the stems for floor lamps, or the stems for wall or suspension lamps. By tubes for chandelier instead we mean the chandelier arms.
We can create conical, bent and curved tubes for lighting, with also complementary mechanical processes, such as drilling, threading, welding, and 3D laser cutting.
Tubes for chandeliers are usually smaller, and may have laser cut grooves for LED lighting.
Bases made with spinning can be combined with our tubes for lighting, or you can create conical tubes in two parts to go beyond the maximum 80mm diameter of the tube conification.
Tubes for chandeliers can be created in iron, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper and silver.

Building and urban furniture
Street furniture often requires pipes for metal fences, gates and posts, while construction often requires spades for truffles, pipes for shovels and various tools.
With our tubes for fences you can create traditional and design structures, thanks to the round tube conification, the same procedure used for spades for truffle.
The demand for a tapered point on metal tubes for fences is constant, necessary and timeless, and is made by forming, without welding turned inserts. Furthermore, other various processes can be carried out, such as decoration, rolling, engraving, and even the processing of bamboo tubes.
The spades for truffles, on the other hand, are produced with skill by many artisans in Italy, who use our conical stainless steel tubes to create the supporting structure of the spades for truffles themselves, then going on to create the blade for digging.
Our use in the urban sector is not only tubes for fences, but also parapets, tubes for handrails, bollards and lighting poles.

The processing of metal tubes boat, and the nautical sector in general, always and only require one thing: AISI316 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and salt. Our long experience in the metal tubes boat processing sector has taught us to work even this very difficult material to treat, due to its hardness, toughness, and resistance to deformation.
By metal tubes boat processing we certainly mean tubes conification, tubes bending and tubes rolling, tubes swaging and tubes expansion. Furthermore, tube rolling and profile calendering, which is always very useful as metal tubes boat in the naval sector and large cruise ships.
The other material that metal tubes boat may require is certainly aluminium, for example for the partitions and bulkheads on the balconies of cruise ships, made in tube or profile, but also and above all for interior nautical furniture, as for chair legs, tables and lighting.

Tubes for hydraulics are required for the functional aspect of these tubes and pipes. The plumbing, air conditioning, heating, pneumatics and radiators sector constantly requires this type of tubes for hydraulics processing.
The processes useful in this sector are mainly tube swaging and tube end expansion, tube bending and tube cambering.
Tube flaring and tube end closing, to create connections, or to insert a captive tightening nut during flaring, certainly cannot be missing in tube for hydraulics processing.
Closed end tubes for radiators is certainly a very common use in this sector. When looking for a designer radiator, you can also add the tube decoration, tube rolling, and bamboo tube processes, for unique design and beauty.
The materials most used in the tubes for hydraulics are certainly copper and brass, but iron, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium can also be used on request.