Tube swaging - coning process


Swaging the tube into a conical shape involves the reduction of its diameter, by keeping
this decrease constant throughout the required length and, hence, obtaining conical tubes.
GAMMA 3 obtains this swage by a cold working process which involves special tools to hammer a round workpiece into a smaller diameter.

This process is called swaging or more simply tube swaging, because of the tube cross-section: in this case a round or circular cross-section.
However, it is possible to perform tube swaging from a different cross-section tube (square or elliptical for example) and obtain conical tubes starting from a square cross-section and ending in a round cross-section.
On the contrary, however, it is possible to start from a square cross-section tube and swage a square cross-section tube, in order to obtain conical tubes having a larger diameter in cylindrical cross-section and having the smallest diameter in square cross-section.

Conical tubes obtained from a round tube swaging (or round tube coning) are certainly the most important processing performed by GAMMA 3.
With our many swaging moulds we can satisfy most of the requests.

We perform custom-made tube swaging, and, where necessary, can design and get moulds manufactured necessary for your conical tubes.
Conical tubes of this kind are used in the most various areas of use, such as furnishing, lighting, offices, chandeliers, street furniture, boating, automotive, motorcycles and bikes, machinery, building, plumbing, heat sector, handles, fencing.

GAMMA 3 engineers, manufactures and markets conical tubes in round shapes with diameters up to 80 mm, lengths up to 5 metres and in various materials such as iron, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, titanium.
Furthermore it is possible to produce conical tubes bevelled on both sides, very common in chairs, fencing and parapets.

High-performance processes (both machining and handwork) take place chosing the best raw materials.
This smart production system enables us to succeed in manufacturing top quality and unique conical tubes. With our many moulds and machines we are able to offer our customers a wide range of products in any minor and outside diameter and in any length.

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