Tube Bushing


Tube-bushing, using a screw-thread insert, arises from the need for a constant search for savings on processing costs and the price of components required that should be increasingly competitive.
GAMMA 3 offers the tube-bushing process that involves the insertion of a bush into it, near the end, and folding the edge of the tube inwards, until it is flattened and creating a base plane at a right angle of 90 degrees.

Tube-bushing occurs in cold process by strong pressure, without removal of material and with seamless tubes, because the screw-thread insert remains tightly coupled by interference inside the tube and a closed end tube with the same thickness deformed by pressure.

The huge advantage of this process consists in no longer having to enter the screw-thread insert manually or with the aid of a press, but mostly to weld the latter, saving a lot of time, avoiding cleaning excess joints and various oxides that are formed, avoiding the need for threading again the insert after welding and, hence, improving functionality and appearance, as well as to have a significantly lower cost.
Furthermore, another great advantage consists in the fact that the screw-thread insert is put through CNC special machines instead of the traditional manual hammering method.

This allows great precision during the tube-bushing process with the same screw-thread insert and avoid that, once the threaded bar has been screwed into a bush coupled with the tube, this is out of alignment with respect to the axis of the tube.

GAMMA 3 is also involved in the production of threaded bushes (or inserts) or not, which will be made-to-measure according to your requests.

The tube-bushing process is particularly appreciated and extensively required in the furniture, lighting, mechanic industry and building.
It's very usual for chair legs, coffee tables to couple lamp stands from the ground to their base, for coupling removable structures and for general mechanical parts.

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