Tube Bending and cambering


GAMMA 3 produces cambered tubes (or curved tubes), offering various types of tube cambering and bending.
The company is specialized both in the CNC-bending machines to form cylindrical tubes
and in bending cone-shaped tubes and, hence, producing cutting-edge cambered tubes (or curved tubes).

Creating cambered tubes (or curved tubes) to shape the piece into the desired form is a complex process which requires not only expertise, but also passion and desire to create sophisticated and beautiful shapes out of different types of metal tubing.
Years of experience have taught us how to bend conical tubes with variable radius in a superior execution.
Specific equipment produced by the company are essential for this type of tube bending.
The conical tube bending encapsulates the company's experience in the handicraft.

Bending of cylindrical tubes require the aid of cutting-edge machinery to keep pace with the times.
The continuous growth of and demand for tube cambering has led the company to invest in this sector, thus expanding the possibilities for different mechanical processes.
GAMMA 3 uses a computer numerical control (CNC) machine of the latest generation and has an extensive moulds and equipment park, in order to grant all requests submitted.
These machines can also manufacture curves with variable radius.

Furthermore tube cambering is available to execute large radii.
This is a different tube cambering and is essential to produce arcs, circles and spirals. Everything is machined by computer numerical control (CNC) machine with variable radius.

This allows us to manufacture some extraordinarily handsome parts, which are particularly suitable for lighting and furnishing sectors, where constant care, originality, creativity and innovation are always required.
This is a widely used processing for chandelier arms, arc lamps stands, legs and structures for chairs and tables, wall sconces or outdoor lighting lamps.
Products generated instead during the bending of cylindrical tubes are often used in furniture, urban furniture, lighting, cars, motorcycles, bikes.

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