Tube Bending (closing) Into Half-Sphere


Tube bending into half-sphere (or tube closing, tube rolling) is a special processing made to have a sphere at the end of the tube.
GAMMA 3 offers tube closing (or tube rolling) as an alternative to more traditional systems, such as the plug welding by turning.

Tube bending into half-sphere (or tube closing) is done with high-precision machines. This continuous bending operation is called cold roll forming.
A cold roll forming process, which means that this is a more rapid, cleaner process with seamless tubes and without oxides or excess weld material removed from the tube by grinding.
All these advantages with tube bending into half-sphere result in a much lower product price than that of traditional systems.

During the tube rolling process the tube is closed at the end, or alternatively, gradually semi-closed to form a half sphere.
Furthermore it is also possible to partially close tubes, that it is to say leaving a hole in the center of the tube radiused end that can be drilled to the desired diameter, so that a plug and rubber tip, for example, can be inserted.

GAMMA 3 also offers another type of tube closing (or tube rolling) by a hot process.
The only difference between this process and the previous one is that a tube closed by a cold process shows microcracks (absolutely invisible when varnish or chrome plating has been applied or another galvanic treatment is carried out), whereas a tube closed by a hot process has the same appearance, but it is also watertight.
The demand for watertight tubes is generally required by manufacturers of radiators and hydraulics industry.

GAMMA 3 can process several diameters and any kind of metal.
This technology is most frequently used in many diverse market segments, such as fencing, building, plumbing, furnishing and interior design (where our tubes are assembled in the piece of furniture as feet for chairs, stools and similar).

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