Tapering and expansion


Besides the tube flaring, the tube flanging and other similar processing GAMMA 3 offers cutting-edge tube tapering and tube widening.
Tapering is the act of gradually reducing or widening the tube diameter, its shape for a certain length, whereas smaller extensions are used for tube flaring and tube flanging.

Both tube tapering or tube widening and tube flaring or tube flanging are obtained by the cold process through pressure and friction with the aid of extruders and tools.
During tube tapering a bottleneck is formed after which the tube diameter is kept unchanged up to the edge of the tube.

It is possible to obtain several constant and cylindrical diameters, as well as conical ones in tube tapering and widening processes.
Furthermore it is possible to develop tube flaring and flanging processes, collars, bulges on the tube by the process of tube tapering.

GAMMA 3 uses cutting-edge machine tools for tube tapering.
Tubes with various diameters can be tapered by means of high-precision CNC machines, ensuring especially work constancy and high quality products for customers.
The company has a machine that is unique in its size for third-party processing.
This machine is able to taper tubes, widen tubes and, in general, mechanical processing of tubes up to 160 mm diameter, useful for processing urban poles, conduits and much more. A considerable pulling force in tonnes and a computer numerical control (CNC) machine of the latest generation can taper tubes, flare tubes and flange tubes impossible until a short time ago.

This process is mostly and frequently used to insert a tube in another one with the same diameter.
GAMMA 3 offers tubes for removable structures, outdoor rods, flagpoles, mechanical couplings and much more by this tapering.

Materials to be processed are iron, brass, aluminium, copper and stainless steel.
These products are much in demand in following sectors: building, naval and boating, plumbing, street furniture, fencing, urban lighting, automotive, motorcycles, bikes, carpentry, conditioning, heating, household appliances parts, furnishings and interior design, for these latter the combination of both tapering and our other processes is also possible.

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