Square, Oval, Elliptical Swaging


GAMMA 3 produces square conified tubes (or squared conified tubes) by swaging, in addition to many different cross-sections, implementing all possible types of this processing.
This processing is usually known as squared tube swaging (as far as the cross-section of square conified tubes is concerned).

After the first process of normal coning with a cylindrical cross-section, it is possible to change the cross-section of the tube, performing special processes, such as square swaging, rectangular swaging and elliptical swaging.
The rectangular, triangular, elliptical and oval conified tubes are sophisticated and precious products.

By the process of squaring we can cold-work squared coned tubes, previously cold tapered.
The products obtained are squared coned tubes with constant square cross-section.

The rectangular tube swaging and the elliptical tube swaging are based on the same principle of square tube swaging for squared coned tubes.
The difference is given by the end section of coned tubes, which should be rectangular, elliptical, triangular or oval.

GAMMA 3 proposes various possible sections for the square tube swaging.
Various prototypes of coned tubes have been made with a square, rectangular, elliptical, oval, triangular cross-section, a rounded edge triangle or with the combination of square tube swaging on a tube with a round section.
Square tubes can be also manufactured starting from a square cross-section, for example, and swaging a square cross-section tube, in order to have a combination of different sections on the same tube.

Such an extremely wide range of products can be manufactured in a large number of raw materials, among them iron, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and copper.
The company uses several products made from this process, shown in trade fairs in which it participates or at the showroom in Cantù (CO).

Thanks to this refined machining GAMMA 3 can create precious and sophisticated objects which confer prestige and added value to any piece of furniture.
Therefore, these innovative items are largely used in interior design, decoration and lighting by the company.

The major areas of use for square, rectangular and elliptical tube swaging are certainly furnishings and lighting.
Coned tubes of this type are often used as chair legs, table legs, lamp stands, chandelier arms, wall lamps, wall sconces, classic and modern furnishings and, in general, cutting-edge design projects.

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