Heat treatments


The metal is subjected to heat treatments, such as tube annealing (the most common of our heat treatments) and it takes to bring it to a certain temperature for a certain period of time.

Target temperature and retention time are always determined by heat treatments for tube annealing, as it occurs in other processes.
GAMMA 3 operates in the heat treatment field of tubes for internal processing requirements, but also for third-party processing.

For usual business processes, such as coning, bending and tapering of tubes, heat treatments of tubes have always been a constant urge.
Tube annealing is certainly the main treating process of tubes.

Tube annealing consists in bringing the material to a changing temperature and then letting it cool down naturally and gently.
After a tube annealing the material changes its characteristics of hardness and elasticity that vary depending on temperatures and the time established.
It is for this very reason that tube annealing is of great importance to GAMMA 3.
The company has a next-generation cutting-edge furnace of tubes to perform heat treatments of tubes.

A good load volume and the optimal length of the internal chamber allow to perform tube annealing for all sizes handled by the company.
All heat treatments performed by GAMMA 3 take place in a controlled and vacuum pressure chamber and, hence, without facing the problem of the formation of calamine, oxides, blazes and other problematic cleaning conditions.

Besides tube annealing, other heat treatments available are stress relieving, normalizing, hardening, tempering.
But quenching is not possible, because other types of high-temperature furnaces are required, as well as annealing of stainless steel.
However, the company is able to work with all warping processes of stainless steel.

A good carrying capacity of the furnace allows our customers to have considerable cost containment, when it is fully charged and in case of tube annealing the heat treatment is certainly homogeneous and deeper, but it does not alter the shape nor section of the tube.

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