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GAMMA 3 has become a leader in tube warping, offers an exclusive tube decoration process (or tube rolling).
This particular process leads to the creation of grooves in the tube and will certainly
give an added value to your product.

With this process we can make nicks, without chip removal, to obtain grooves in the tube.
It is possible to create several types of grooves.
GAMMA 3 has a large number of tools, in order to create several different drawings and forms, thus enabling us to obtain some remarkably fashionable, beautiful and unique objects.

Tube decoration (or tube rolling) is always cold processed, and, therefore, any misalignment problems can arise in correspondence with the grooves in the tube.
This has a great advantage, because after the creation of grooves in the tube, these remain cleaner, straight and without oxides difficult to be cleaned.
The other great advantage consists in the fact that, being the tube decoration (or tube rolling a warping process without chip removal, it makes possible to obtain grooves in the tube with a lower diameter than the internal diameter of the tube itself, resulting in large material savings and turning costs.

GAMMA 3 has created prototypes, so that tube decoration (or tube rolling) can be applied to any tube which has previously undergone any other among our production processes, such as tube coning, tube bending into half-sphere or bamboo tubes.

The result will be the realization of your design idea and a sought-after item, unique of its kind, and a much lower price than traditional processing systems, requiring high material expenditures and removal.

The tube decoration (or tube rolling) is also used in machinery rollers and handling rollers.
Grooves in the tube are created for these products to have a housing for transmission belts.
These kinds of products are widely used in furniture, lighting, fencing, urban furniture, rolls.

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