Bamboo Tubes


GAMMA 3 has become a leader in tube warping, offers an exclusive process to make bamboo tubes.
This particular process leads to the creation of extrusion nodes and will certainly
give an added value to your product, in order to make the tube even more similar to the bamboo cane.

The bamboo tube processing consists of performing an extrusion, without chip removal, to create some outward knits or bulges.
The result will be a metal bamboo tube, characterised by a unique design and elegance, which is very much like a real bamboo cane, customizable with different finishes, weldable, robust and also bearing.
Bulges on bamboo tubes should be positioned at your convenience and in measurement intervals, as requested.

It is also possible, at your discretion, to squash the bamboo tubes along the segments between the knots, in order to make the tube even more similar to the bamboo cane.

GAMMA 3 has some special machines used for the production of bamboo tubes and a large number of tools with which we can work tubes in various diameters and made of any kind of metal.

The results of this machining are particularly appreciated and extensively required in the furniture and lighting industry, as the final products acquire great value and peculiarity.
Bamboo tubes are an excellent solution for an avant-garde furniture, because they encapsulate all the classic charm, but also a great modernity, if put into the right context.

Furthermore, metal gratings and valuable railings are required in the fencing industry.
The great advantage of using metal bamboo tubes, consists in the fact that, apart from being solid, bearing and assemblable, they can be refined with all treatments for metals unlike a traditional bamboo cane.

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